Thank you for your interest in the Christian Financial Advisor Network (C-FAN). Our referral network of faith-based financial advisors/insurance professionals is now available in 43 states… and we are growing every month. C-FAN is committed to connecting people from around the country with solid Biblically-based Financial Advisors who think strategy first, and product second.

How Do I Become A Part of the Christian Financial Advisor Network?

The Christian Financial Advisor Network hosts a small and selective group of Biblically-based Financial Advisors from around the country. Some, but not all, of the qualifications for inclusion include:

  • Minimum of ten years experience in the financial services business.
  • Absolutely no prior history of any and all SEC violations, and/or Insurance commission violations.
  • No E&O claims within the past 7 years.
  • A financial philosophy that aligns with your Biblical worldview that emphasizes financial stewardship principles, the importance of charitable giving, etc.

Call us for more details

The first step to having your financial planning practice considered for inclusion in the national Christian Financial Advisor Network database is to call our office at (800) 609-5530 to schedule an initial phone appointment with our National Director. Simply call (800) 609-5530, Ext. #2, when you are ready to get started.